decision analysis partners is a leader in shipping and postal consulting from strategy to operations, market analysis and policy and regulatory analysis.

Shipping and Postal Network Analysis and Design

Networks are key to shipping and postal enterprises, whether physical, financial or digital. decision analysis partners has significant experience with the analysis and design of large and complex shipping and postal networks. Sorting and batching strategies are key elements of the network, designed to jointly optimize service performance and resource allocation. Competition requires carriers to do more with less, leveraging real-time information and the ability to manage flows in a flexible manner.

Policy and Regulatory Analysis

Governments are increasingly interested in liberalizing the postal sector while maintaining sufficient oversight to ensure universal service. But the postal service is challenged by electronic transmissions, competitors in parcel delivery and ever increasing cost of labor. Our company has significant experience in the development of realistic postal policy and regulatory frameworks that support the postal industry while protecting customers and citizens.

Postal Operations

In the shipping and postal industry, sorting facilities embody network strategy. These facilities represent long-term investments that must be aligned with the overall company strategy and take into account business and technology risks. Our teams are highly knowledgeable about the latest sortation technologies, vendors and equipment available on the market place and in development. Our understanding of networks, freight, parcel and mail types enable us to design facilities that are responsive to service demands and that can be flexible enough to respond to future shifts in demand.


Parcel and mail delivery is often the most expensive part of the shipping or mailing cycle. While address databases and routing technologies are key to today's delivery processes, inaccuracies can often increase costs instead of lowering them. Delivery supervisory functions are often neglected, resulting in costly behaviors. Our experience with every aspect of the delivery cycle enables us to help our clients address the root causes of poor delivery performance.

Market Analysis

Shipping and mail carriers are constantly seeking to introduce new products, leveraging advances in technology or perceived demands for new services. Predicting market demand for new products in the shipping and mail industries requires a disciplined approach informed by best practices and experience. We have estimated markets for many new products and provided detailed recommendations for carriers seeking to introduce innovative products based on their strengths and weaknesses in the marketplace.

Special Studies and Services

decision analysis partners provides a number of special postal service studies and services including regulatory training, research, and specialized subject matter consulting.

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