Key Industries

decision analysis partners brings its expertise to networked industries where communications and integration are key. We excel at solving complex problems where risk analysis is key.

Government Information and Communications Technology

DAP has provided assistance to national, provincial, and municipal governments for over 20 years, charting courses for their digital transformation, working with our clients to select the best alternatives, building consensus, and developing detailed roadmaps for their implementation.

Emergency Management

DAP extensive experience with emergency management planning and infrastructure design. Our services include the assessment of current processes and technology, the design of alternative improvement solutions, functional technical specifications and detailed cost/benefit analyses.

Broadband Industry

DAP assists broadband carriers, governments, multilateral banks and investors with the assessment and development of network development strategies, business models, market research and analyses, and infrastructure and construction planning.

Smart Cities

DAP and its partners assist cities and regional authorities with the development of concrete and integrated roadmaps and plans for smart cities. These plans include e-government programs, digital inclusion, intelligent transportation systems, emergency and crisis maagement, and security and safety.

Logistics and Supply Chain

Logistics and the supply chain are networked industries where strategic decisions about infrastructure affect the tactical deployment of resources over a number of years. These infrastructures must anticipate retail developments such as omni-channeling and global changes in sourcing. Our understanding of the business environment and our technical expertise provide us with a unique vintage point from where we can advise our client in concrete and beneficial ways about logistics and supply chain infrastructure and network design. [more]

Shipping and Postal Service

decision analysis partners (dap) provides state-of-the art operations management consulting. Our services include operations transformation, facility and business process analysis and enhancement, service analysis and design, simulation, technology analysis and selection, risk identification and mitigation, and procurement support. [more]