decision analysis partners provides independent expert consultant, expert witness and special study consulting to clients in the private and public sectors.

Expert Consultant Services

decision analysis partners has significant experience in supporting U.S. Federal Government protest cases. We provide assistance to law firms including analyses of the cases, declarations, recommendations, depositions and testimonies. Our consultants understand how the GAO adjudicates bid protests and are skilled at framing bid protest issues.

Expert TestimonyExpert Witness Services

Our company makes available highly experienced expert witness specialists in our key industries and other areas, to the private sector and to the Government.

Specialized Studies

decision analysis partners has undertaken many studies requiring highly specialized consultants in our key industries. This includes aviation ground handling, cargo logistics, safety and security, future product assessment, market assessment, demand forecasting or specific industry trends. See sample projects

Focus Areas

Aviation - Agriculture - Banking - Broadband - Business - Cargo systems - Civil engineering - Copyrights - Data analysis - Demand Forecasting - Design and control - Electronic commerce - Geographic information system - High-speed networking - Highway transport - Industrial engineering -Internet - Machine learning - Mathematical models - Networks analysis and design - Next-generation manufacturing - Patents and patent law - Ports - Product development - Rail (freight and passengers) - Remote sensing - Research and development - Risk analysis and mitigation - Sales and sales projections - Simulation - Security - Statistical pattern recognition - Technology assessment - Technology transfer - Telecommunications - Trademark - Transportation and traffic engineering - Undersea cables - Video broadcasting.

Recent Expert Consulting Projects

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