Digital Economy

decision analysis partners consultants understand the evolving needs and requirements of the digital economy. We are dedicated to delivering its benefits to national, regional and municipal governments worldwide.

Connected Citizens and Businesses

DAP tracks the evolving needs of citizens and businesses that are data-driven and digitally enabled. We assist our clients in understanding current and future customer needs in key industries , how those needs impact their business model and help them develop strategies for adapting and thriving.

Digital, Inclusive, and Resilient Government

DAP has significant experience with government digital transformation, including e-government, digital inclusion, real time information and dialog, crisis management, online citizens’ services, efficient government operations, electronic governance and digital dexterity. We create roadmaps, detailed functional specifications, cost and impact analyses and implementation plans.

Smart Society

Our services include analyzing and functionally designing smart cites, smart villages and technology parks based on details like situational needs, eHealth, remote learning, and advanced passenger and freight transportation management. Complementing our analysis and design, we develop digital policy, regulatory analysis, sustainability and resiliency, and power sourcing and management.

Selected Digital Economy Projects

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