decision analysis partners brings significant skill and experience in network analysis, architecture and design in logistics, transport, supply chains, telecommunications, shipping and postal services.

Network Architecture

Whether supply chain, logistics or telecommunications, business networks are composed of multiple layers. These business layers typically include infrastructure, processing, equipment, information, finance, but also people, skills, and methods such as sorting and routing.  Developing or evolving a network architecture requires a clear understanding of business requirements, dynamics, and risks.

Network Design

network1The design of networks involves the evaluation of possible topologies.  Each topology comes with its own performance, cost and resilience attributes.  As consultants, we provide our clients with distinct network designs and measure the impact of each design against business objectives.  These objectives may include maximizing access, availability, flexibility, or profit.  We use appropriate network analysis and modeling tools and techniques to design networks that function efficiently and effectively.

Network Resilience

To avoid costly delays caused by link failures, network congestion or other difficulties, decision analysis partners design redundancy into networks so they can automatically adapt to adverse conditions.  Our advanced network design methods include the use of path diversity and alternate routing so that traffic is rerouted when failures or congestion occurs ensuring consistent results and satisfied customers.

Network Security and Safety

Network security and safety must be designed at the outset to integrate seamlessly with other network layers.  Security and safety affect architecture, topology, infrastructure, people, information systems, operations, and management.  Network complexity is an important element to consider in the design of network security and safety.  

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