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January 11, 2013
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Contracting for Technical Data – DLIS

The Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS) is a command-level service activity of the DLA located in Battle Creek, Michigan. DLIS manages and distributes quality logistics data that is interoperable, integrated, and timely to support the DOD, military services, other federal agencies, as well as international partners. DLIS also focuses on enterprise information technology (IT) solutions to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of this information, which encompasses the DOD supply chain and other logistics related information and programs.

The goal of Charter 2, Contracting for Technical Data within Model Base Enterprise (MBE) (denoted Charter 2 herein) as stated in the project charter is to “help move the DoD acquisition community and its processes forward into the MBE environment, specifically in the area of (contracting for) technical data packages (TDPs)”.  This project is one of several that addresses automatic access by the logistics community to MBE-generated, logistics-related, model data in order to populate logistics databases and automatically generate logistics products.

The objectives of the project are to:

  • understand issues identified and best practices employed by programs that specify and acquire standards-based digital 3D CAD/CAM technical data and associated digital logistics product data;
  • identify needs to enhance or develop more appropriate standards, policies, and procedures for specification of digital 3D model-based technical data, and of its corresponding logistics product data;
  • recommend learning aids, templates, and training to improve awareness and capabilities in program office, specification writers, and acquisition personnel; and to
  • build a DoD business case to promote requirements for procurement and use of such digital data based on trends and gaps identified in the survey.
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