decision analysis partners has a stellar record of qualifications in the development of technical requirements and the design of complex telecommunications networks.

Broadband Networks

Public and private organizations need increasing wired and wireless bandwidth to support information-rich activities. The demand for community access to broadband services is rising as well.  Economic development depends on broadband networks today like it depended on the U.S. highway sixty years ago.  decision analysis partners has a great deal of experience in the analysis and design of business and technical requirements for broadband networks in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America.  Our approach brings together an understanding of business needs, the ability to determine financial feasibility, and the capacity to develop detailed technical requirements.

Operations and Business Support Systems

The operation of complex telecommunications networks spanning various products requires sophisticated business systems.  These systems automate the provisioning of customer access to various products and account for their use.  decision analysis partners has a significant experience in operations and business support systems, including independent testing of these systems to ensure that they work and bill for services as designed.

Digital Inclusion

Countries are increasingly interested in deploying broadband systems designed to provide affordable access to poor segments of the population.  If designed correctly, these systems can have a major impact on economic development and education. decision analysis partners has delivered a number of digital inclusion studies that combine surveys with the targeted population segments,  stakeholder forums, economic feasibility and viability analyses and technical designs.

Government Systems

cableGovernments are increasingly pressured to develop cost-effective broadband telecommunications solutions that will stand the test of time.  These solutions may require proprietary and secure networks isolated from public access. Other government solutions need the flexibility to adjust their infrastructure as needs evolve.  Finally, Governments need to develop tenders and solicitations that leverage their buying power.  Our company has assisted Governments in the United States, Asia, South America, the Caribbean, Africa and Europe with the design of detailed telecommunications tenders, and the technical evaluation of proposals.

Satellite Communications and Undersea Cables

Private and public clients may require specialized services such as satellite communications and/or undersea cables.  Both services require large upfront investments and will therefore require long-term commitments.

Latest Telecommunications and ICT Projects