decision analysis partners understands the critical linkages between business, strategy and operations.  We provide state-of-the art operations management consulting, bridging technology, processes and organizational components.

Operations Transformation

Our company has led several major operational transformations which included a strategy definition phase, the definition of operations management initiatives, the definition of pilot projects and their evaluation, major enterprise network and logistics enhancements, organizational development, and the development and management of transformation timelines.

Facility and Business Process Analysis and Enhancement

decision analysis partners has extensive experience in process analysis and design in a number of key industries, as well as the design of facilities designed to support these processes such as parcel and mail sorting centers or telecom and computing facilities. Our services typically start with a forecast of future needs, the analysis of business risks, modelling of high level flows within the facility, the identification of process alternatives, technical requirements and ultimately detailed facility designs.

Case Management

Case management is the organization and coordination of a network of formal and informal activities, services, and support designed to validate, verify, optimize and provide sources for the analysis of real time operations management. Case management has become increasingly complex and important in the last 20 years, leveraging the growing number of available digital sources and the integration of enterprise systems. decision analysis partners has a great deal of experience with business process management, business transformation and the development of requirements for systems such as intelligent case management systems.

Service Analysis and Design

The analysis of service performance can identify whether deficiencies are caused by the operations infrastructure or by organisational issues such as skills, incentives or training.  Service degradation can be caused by the introduction of new technology, for instance, bringing a host of new challenges requiring  older methods to be unlearned.  Labor attrition can cause a rapid erosion of the knowledge capital while new, untrained supervisors may not be able to deliver the expected payoffs of new technology. Our approach to service analysis and design is based on a structured identification of the root causes of service degradation, relying on the insightful experience of our expert consultants.


simulation of network alternatives

Simulation shows impact of alternative network configurations

We have used simulation to evaluate the performance of alternative facility designs, or the impact of changes in facilities or capacity at nodes and links within the network.   Tools include primarily multi-agent simulation software tailored to the the problem at hand.

Technology Analysis and Selection

Technology must support operations and contribute to the organisation's goals and strategy. Our technical know-how enables us to develop business and technical requirements first, and ensure that technology analysis and selection follows these requirements. 

Risk Identification and Mitigation

Investing in infrastructure that may last 20 or more years involves risks, including changes in the demand for products over time, technology obsolescence, lack of flexibility to adapt, etc.  The analysis of operational risks and the development of mitigation plans is critical to the development of complex networks and infrastructure with extended life cycles. 

Procurement Support

decision analysis partners supports the development of complex tenders for large infrastructure programs, including proposal evaluation strategies. We have performed detailed technical evaluation of proposals from vendors in support of the overall bid evaluation process. 

Latest Operations Management Projects