Operations Management

Sample high-level view of a hub concept

Sample high-level view of a hub concept

Project Objective

decision analysis partners was tasked by Purolator to design and evaluate a number of high-level concepts for a new automated sorting hub.  Five concepts were developed and evaluated in terms of throughput, flexibility, cost and risk, two concepts were retained fro further development and analysis.  Alternative designs took into consideration product strategy, projected growth, product profile, capacity requirements, operating windows, technology, labour, facility layouts, etc.

Hub Concepts Evaluated

The five concepts were  evaluated against three criteria:

  • Ability to meet performance levels
  • Ability to respect design criteria, and
  • Projected system costs

Three-dimensional sketches of systems were provided to help with evaluation and comprehension.  The designed systems provided rough-order costs (within 30% tolerance from a true final cost) and validated physical space requirements.