Technical Assistance

‘Client: SAEB Secretaria da Admintraço do Governo do Estado da Bahia
Project funded by the U.S. Trade and Development Agency
The objective of this project was to develop recommendations and  technical specifications for the digital transformation  of the Brazilian State of Bahia e-government programs and its digital infrastructure including its state broadband network and data centers.
The Brazilian State of Bahia had three distinct telecommunications networks connecting most state government buildings and schools to the main data center in Salvador, the capital of Bahia: The Centro Administrativo da Bahia (CAB) network serves the main government campus with gigabit Ethernet connections. Infovia Digital da Bahia (ODI) is a second network that provides network services to buildings in the Salvador region outside the main campus. The third network, Rede Governo Interior, serves government buildings inside Bahia. Our firm, DAP, assessed the connectivity and bandwidth needs of key secretariats and departments of the state, as well as the capabilities of key service providers.
Network recommendations were developed to significantly improve bandwidth at highly reduced costs. A detailed cost model was developed to estimate and compare the cost of various alternative solutions. The three main data centers in the state did not have backup or disaster recovery plans. In addition, one has a shortage of space while another was underused. DAP conducted analyses and developed a strategy to avoid/recover government claims in the event of a disaster. DAP has conducted analyses and made recommendations to improve power supply and air conditioning and to introduce infrastructure equipment for hyper-convergent data centres. DAP also evaluated and recommended consolidating the current capacity of data centers into a single government “cloud” and a strategy to improve ICT governance. Finally, DAP conducted analyses and developed recommendations to improve e-government services. This included specifications, software, capital investments and operating costs.