Progress in Palestine: New City of Rawabi Emerges

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March 13, 2016
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Progress in Palestine: New City of Rawabi Emerges

decision analysis partners (DAP) had the opportunity to lend technical support to the first planned city in Palestine, Rawabi. The budding high-tech metropolis sits north of Ramallah on the West Bank hills. Rawabi is the largest real estate project to take place in the record of the Palestine territories. The city has developed greatly since DAP helped design its advanced broadband system.

In 2010, decision analysis partners won a telecommunications project financed by the U.S. Trade and Development Agency for the Rawabi project. The project included assessment and forecast of telecommunications requirements, economic and financial analysis, detailed functional and technical requirements, and legal and regulatory assessments. Also, we provided an analysis of business model alternatives and structuring of procurement activities. There was also assistance with high-level technical design and preliminary environmental impact analysis as the building site set a challenge with its difficult terrain and slope.

The company’s efforts resulted in a comprehensive set of design recommendations for Rawabi’s IT infrastructure, gigabit passive optical network (GPON) telecommunications technology, and operations support systems required to operate the network. Architectural modifications were made to accommodate equipment and cabling throughout the city and potential business models were also developed.  Overall capital and expense budget estimates were made including the systems and operations required to operate Rawabi’s telecom network. A comprehensive review of potential U.S. manufacturers was developed, along with a legal and regulatory analysis.

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Today, the new city houses an amphitheater and has created thousands of jobs in areas of both construction and engineering. Schools, a library, a shopping mall, medical and dental clinics and community service areas are all coming into fruition. The mecca is anticipated to draw in and establish new business to aid their growing community.

Engineers installed fiber optic Internet which decision analysis partners assisted in designing. This proved to be a critical factor in establishing Rawabi’s ICT infrastructure. Amongst that innovation the introduction of gas, water, and electricity were laid as well. These utilities contribute to the layout of a fundamentally modern city.

decision analysis partners have continued to assist with the areas of design and implementation methods. The city of Rawabi’s goal is to provide and house space for 40,000 residents. The ambitious city project proves to be future-oriented. With our efforts, Rawabi will be provided with a stable ICT environment to aid its expansion in business, community, and economy.

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By Kasheda Daum

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