Defense Logistics Agency selects decision analysis partners LLC for Model Base Enterprise (MBE) research and development project

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Defense Logistics Agency selects decision analysis partners LLC for Model Base Enterprise (MBE) research and development project

DLA/DLIS looks to improve its ability to contract for technical data packages under MBE environments to increase product life cycle value.

Fairfax, VA, January 12 – The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) has awarded a project to decision analysis partners LLC to help further its transition into the Model Base Enterprise (MBE) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) environments. MBE/PLM uses 3D modeling techniques to define products for their full life cycle.

Through digital extraction of technical data (TD) and logistics product data (LPD), savings can accrue and accuracy can increase in the information used by DLA and the Services to sustain and support military equipment. Use of the digital MBE data promotes concurrent development, better collaboration, and advanced provisioning, cataloging, and packaging of the product. The MBE environment eliminates the need to create 2D drawings and input data manually which streamlines the process and cuts down on the time, errors, and overall cost of logistics data production.

The DLA project, entitled “Contracting for Technical Data within Model Base Enterprise, Charter 2” will focus on assessing the success of the Department of Defense acquisition community in its processes forward into the MBE/PLM environment, specifically in the area of contracting for technical data packages (TDPs). decision analysis partners will survey current evolving methods for contracting TDPs to:

– Baseline current TDP acquisition practices for DoD programs that are required to use MBE/PLM environments through a multi-service survey

– Assess the specification of logistics product data to be generated in MBE/PLM environments, correlated to the success of the resultant delivery of LPD

– Assess the qualifications and training of the contracting personnel responsible for the specification of LPD from MBE/PLM environments

– Recommend training for contracting personnel to achieve greater clarity and success in specifying LPD support from MBE/PLM environments

– Provide source information to support a Cost Benefit Analysis for DoD use of digital data extracted from MBE/PLM environments to support DLA and Service logistics

dap was awarded a position on a DLA Technical Council, along with four major defense contractors, as a result of its proposal to support a Defense Logistics Agency Logistics Information Service broad agency announcement (BAA) for research and development. This award is for the second task issued under that BAA.

The decision analysis partners team will be led by Richard De Santis, senior enterprise architect. Mr. De Santis is currently heading dap’s Charter 1 MBE project, the first task awarded under the BAA, focusing on a proof-of-concept for the extraction and use of logistics and technical data from an MBE/PLM environment, subcontracting to Northrop-Grumman. The trial effort supports the Air Force A10 Wing Replacement program, where Boeing is the prime contractor.

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