Kosovo Telecom Training

ISN/ECC Istanbul Conference
April 30, 2009
Benchmarking and Best Practices for Market Intelligence
March 13, 2009

decision analysis partners was tasked by the U.S Trade and Development agency to develop and provide the Kosovo Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (KTRA) with in-depth training in 2009.  This included training in and exposure to key telecommunications technical and regulatory concepts that would be of interest in Kosovo.  The training enabled KTRA personnel to better understand telecommunications regulatory frameworks and to adopt and implement procedures in accordance with international best practices.

The training agenda included:

Day 1 (August 3): Roles and functions of policymakers, regulators and operators

Day 2 (August 4): Functions of the Regulator

Day 3 (August 5): Federal Communications Commission International Visitor’s Program (IVP)

Day 4 (August 6): Key Subjects of Regulation – Challenges in Implementing Effective Regulation

Day 5 (August 7): Key Subjects of Regulation – Interconnection of Networks and Services

Day 6 (August 10): Dispute Resolution and Enforcement Mechanisms

Day 7 (August 11): Policies, Strategies and Regulation for Communications Infrastructure in Liberalized Markets

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