High-Level Automation Design for Parcel Logistics

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High-Level Automation Design for Parcel Logistics

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Plant automation infrastructure lasts a long time! For many companies, rapid changes in the logistics industry (demand, players, technology) makes it increasingly difficult to plan and justify large material handling projects. Engineering departments typically develop tenders based on functional or technical requirements. Commercial proposals are then evaluated based on technical and price performance.

Our approach is different. As independent consultants with considerable experience in the parcel and mail industry, we provide our clients with design alternatives right off the bat.

·      We survey our client’s needs, review forecasts, proposed operating schedules, available buildings, and general methods of operation.

·      Based on these needs and requirements, we prepare a selected number of layouts using state of the art material handling technology. We also prepare independent estimates of acquisition and operating costs.

Our clients typically use these high-level designs to initiate a dialog within the company. Procurement gets involved. Marketing attends the meetings. Even operations pays attention!

Bottom line: The client makes intelligent decisions based on a consensus across departments, and the CEO has confidence in the design and the price. 

Our parcel design services: Network simulator, requirements definition, detailed system design, engineering, technical proposal evaluation, independent price estimates, tender development, tender strategy development, negotiation support, project management, test development and measurement,

Bernard Markowicz, Ph.D. bmarkowicz@decisionanalysis.net

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