DHL's gives Germans choice of delivery options

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DHL's gives Germans choice of delivery options

With the launch in April 2012 of  DHL parcels recipients can decide online when and how their goods will be delivered : at one of the 2,500 Packstations, at a neighbor’s home, or at home. It is even possible to tell DHL where on customers’ premises the package should be left, i.e., in a garage or garden shed.

Customers can also select their “Wunschtag” (preferred delivery date) for home delivery. The service includes a text or e-mail notification of the expected day of delivery. A loyalty program encourages customers to use Packstations more frequently to frank, send and collect their parcels.

This strategy to tailor delivery options to recipients’ wishes is vindicated by a study also published in April by Deutsche Post DHL, called ‘Einkaufen 4.0’ (Shopping 4.0) . Asked about their delivery preferences,

-70% of (German) respondents said they wanted to know in advance the delivery date

-66% would welcome evening deliveries

-56%  want to be able to select the delivery day

-54% would like to have their parcels left with neighbors

-51% want to receive notification of delivery by SMS or email

-33% would prefer to collect their parcels at a post office or “Packstation”.

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