The Posts can become a portal to eGov-lite services

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August 28, 2011
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October 11, 2011

The Posts can become a portal to eGov-lite services

Implementing eGov is, by all accounts, a complex and time consuming undertaking.  A recent survey conducted by the UN shows that high income countries are in the lead and that the gap in eGov implementation is widening between developed and emerging countries.

Postal organizations can play a prominent role in extending their core mission and their universal service obligations by offering eGov services on behalf of Government Agencies.

Building on their assets and core capabilities postal organizations can simplify the process of transacting with Government:

  • Their network of post offices can serve as a portal to Government.
  • Their workforce can be trained to use customized eGov solutions and assist citizen in the process.
  • Their distribution and delivery capabilities can serve to pickup, distribute, and deliver the hardcopy documentation that must accompany any Government transaction.

Offering Government Services through the Posts will reduce the complexity that is commonly attributed to transacting with Government.  This, in turn, can help contribute to economic development and extend the societal responsibilities of the Posts as a universal service provider.

As the winds of change blow through the industry, diversification into Government Services should be seriously considered as a natural extension of the Posts’ mission and capabilities

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