Russian and Chinese Posts Collaborate

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August 27, 2011
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August 28, 2011

Russian and Chinese Posts Collaborate

The Russian and Chinese Posts have agreed on new land routes in the East that will cut in half the required transit time.
Mail destined to China is currently sent to the far East region via Moscow. The new arrangements were made at the 10th meeting of the Russian-Chinese Sub-Commission on Communications and Information Technology, held in Nizhny Novgorod. The document was signed by deputy head of the Russian Post Gennady Kotov and deputy manager of the Department of Development and Technology of the China Post Corporation, Mr. Shin Lee.

In addition, the parties agreed to further look into improvements in the exchanges around Heihe and Vladivostok – Suifenhe border post exchanges, specifically for the delivery of parcels addressed to residents of border areas of Russia and China that have close economic and cultural relations. Arrangements will include reduced postage rates and increased weight limits. Among the planned innovations – the introduction of services to recipients of cash on cross-border parcels.

In the interests of their customer, the Russian and China Posts will pay greater attention to the quality of mail processing for mail sent from Beijing to Moscow, and they will create a mechanism for rapid communication to coordinate actions in case of any technical problems.

In addition, the parties reaffirmed their readiness to resume the bilateral exchange of electronic money transfers through the international financial system, and the Universal Postal Union (IFS, STEFI). To ensure that there are no technical obstacles to the resumption of exchange of electronic money transfers, the parties will conduct joint testing by the end of this year. [more – in Russian]

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