Brazilian Postal Service to expand services

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April 11, 2011
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May 7, 2011

Brazilian Postal Service to expand services

Brasília, 29/04/2011 – Communications Minister Paulo Bernardo said today at a news conference that the Brazilian Postal Service will soon expand services, including perhaps a savings bank and mobile and digital services, thanks to changes in the Law introduced by Provisional Measure No. 532. According to the minister, the state is undergoing a modernization process and it was therefore necessary to revise its statute, created in 1969. “We are incorporating current resources to the management of the Post Office to ensure that they continue providing excellent service to citizens. From now on we will have more legal options for action, with the possibility of acquiring an equity interest in companies set up subsidiaries abroad and act. ”

Paulo Bernardo said that one of the issues being debated concerns the best way to ensure air transportation of cargo – according to the minister, a service “vital” to the state, which consumes about $ 300 million per year . “We have some ways, like trying to sign contracts of longer duration with the companies, participating in a minority of a company, or creating a subsidiary to run the service,” he explained. [more in Portuguese]

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