Rawabi New City Technical Assistance

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May 30, 2010
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March 13, 2010

Rawabi New City Technical Assistance

decision analysis partners LLC was awarded a USTDA-financed contract to prepare a technical design and road-map for the development and deployment of the information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure for the new city of Rawabi.  Rawabi, located about 25 km North of Jerusalem in the West Bank, will eventually house about 40,000 people.  It will include a shopping mall, schools, a library, businesses of all sizes, medical and dental clinics and community services.

When decision analysis partners began working on this project, it became clear that the client, Bayti Real Estate Investment Company, had little experience with the development of infrastructure needed to support telecommunications services and its related equipment and systems.  This was a major shortcoming since it was Bayti’s vision for Rawabi to be a high-tech city, attractive and affordable for young, highly educated Palestinians.

decision analysis partners and its subcontractors provided:

  •  An assessment and forecast of telecommunications requirements
  •  A high-level technical design and architecture
  •  An economic and financial analysis of options
  •  An analysis of business model alternatives
  •  Detailed requirements
  •  Legal and regulatory assessment
  •  Structuring of procurement activities
  •  A preliminary environmental impact analysis

Sketches-of-Rawabi-001-300x180The site itself added to the project’s challenges.  Formerly an olive tree farm, most of the terrain consists of solid rock with thin topsoil and has a slope of up to 23°.

A comprehensive set of design recommendations was made for Rawabi’s IT infrastructure, gigabit passive optical network (GPON) telecommunications technology, and the operations support systems required to operate the network. As a result, architectural modifications were made to accommodate equipment and cabling throughout the city.  Potential business models were also developed.  Overall capital and expense budget estimates were made including the systems and operations required to operate Rawabi’s telecom network.   A comprehensive review of potential U.S. manufacturers was developed, along with a legal and regulatory analysis.

“Rawabi’s ICT infrastructure is a critical factor in building its knowledge base economy”, said Amir Dajani, Deputy Managing Director of Bayti Real Estate Investment Company, “Providing Rawabi with an advanced ICT environment will have ripple effects throughout Palestine, expanding economic activities, creating jobs, introducing new technologies in building and trade, and engaging more broadly with the global economy”. Bayti has retained decision analysis partners to continue to assist with the design of detailed implementation plans.

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