Algeria Port Orientation Visit

Pakistan Oil Spill Orientation Visit
April 30, 2005
Bangladesh Healthcare Orientation Visit
April 30, 2005

decision analysis partners organized and implemented an orientation visit designed to introduce Algerian officials to U.S. regulations, procedures, processes, as well as products and services designed to improve their maritime emergency response (primarily in the oil and natural gas areas) as well as the overall port security environment to meet U.S. requirements. The itinerary was designed to address key areas of interest of the delegation:

  • A review of our national system for accidental oil spill response,
  • Public-private partnerships in oil spill response in the United States,
  • Oil spill response, containment and cleanup equipment, products and services,
  • Emergency response equipment.
  • Port security processes and procedures, including Container Security Initiative requirements,
  • Physical security technology, including non-intrusive inspection technology (scanners and radiation detection equipment and services)

The delegation visited three major cities and port facilities, organizations and U.S.providers of equipment and services:

  • Washington, DC: Focus on major Government organizations and selected vendors,
  • Charleston, SC: Focus on physical port security. Modern port with state-of-the-art maritime security facilities and vendors,
  • Houston, TX: Focus on oil terminals and on oil spill and emergency response.

In addition, the delegation visited the Oil and Hazardous Materials Simulated Environmental Test Tank (OHMSETT) in Leonardo, NJ, a unique and major U.S. test facility that has set the standard for oil spill response.

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