West and West-Central Africa Port Orientation Visit

Salvadorian Government Customs Desk Study
May 3, 2005
Indonesia IFMIS Orientation Visit
April 30, 2005

Over the previous years, USTDA had invested in a number of port-related projects on the West-West Central coast of Africa, including in Cameroon, Cape Verde, Guinea, Senegal and Togo.  Other areas of interest include Angola, Ghana and Sao Tome.  decision analysis partners was tasked with organizing an orientation visit to introduce representatives from Angola, Ghana and Sao Tome to the U.S. port system, and to solidify the links between African countries and U.S.technology and services in the countries where USTDA projects are under way.  The visit included:Africa-OV

  • Port Newark, NJ
  • Duluth, MN: Largest iron ore port in the U.S.and leading port in terms of grain and coal.  Size is appropriate to a large African port. Lake Superior is an amazing thing to see!
  • Houston, TX: Focus on oil terminals and on a large diffuse port with major grain facilities.  City for business briefing.