Bangladesh Healthcare Orientation Visit

Algeria Port Orientation Visit
April 30, 2005
ALO Guadalajara Conference 2005
April 22, 2005

The government of Bangladesh (GOB) has been encouraging more private investment in the health sector and has taken steps to attract more foreign investment in medical and hospital services. The GOB is also interested to further engage western standards and practices into its healthcare system.

decision analysis partners organized and implemented and orientation visit for nine Bangladeshi healthcare officials and one U.S. State Economic Section representative to the United States to familiarize Bangladeshi healthcare officials with U.S. medical facilities and equipment, and promote U.S. standards in hospitals and healthcare. The delegation interacted with U.S. Government agencies involved in healthcare and met with U.S. companies with technologies, goods and services appropriate to Bangladesh’s healthcare needs. The OV also helped finalize negotiations with the American Hospital Consortium for the leasing of a 200-bed hospital in Dhaka. The hospital would provide Bangladesh with advanced medical treatment and care, a burn center, and medical training.