Operations Management

decision analysis partners worked with Northrop Grumman Information Services to develop a pilot for specific exchange of logistics product data. This included logistics product data (LPD) and part-related technical data (TD), including engineering data for provisioning/supplemental data for provisioning (EDFP/SDFP) for the Air Force A10 wing replacement program (WRP). The project included:

  • Developing a repeatable methodology to extract Logistics Support Analysis (LSA) logistics product data that complies with GEIA-STD-0007 from the Air Force copy of Teamcenter Unified Architecture,
  • Performing a proof-of-concept pilot to extract that data and generate selected LSA reports. The NGC Team has proposed extending the proof-of-concept pilot to include the full set of LSA-036 data elements (beyond the 57 elements required by the AF legacy provisioning system, D220). It also has proposed inclusion of the LSA-025 for packaging and the LSA-032 for screening/submittal/cataloging to further support logistics activities.
  • Working with the Ogden Air Logistics Center (ALC) to specify the contents and format for an annotated part report, and document the process for extracting the A10 WRP form, fit, and function technical data from Teamcenter/NX models to support the cataloging, packaging, and provisioning of spares.