Montreal Bulk Mail Facility Integrated Mail Sorting System, Phase 2

Montreal Exchange Office Phase 2
June 30, 2012
Romania Emergency Communications Tech. Assistance
January 6, 2012

decision analysis partners (dap) has assisted Canada Post Corporation (CPC) in the development of the Montreal BMF – IMSS Plant Design Document package which was presented to Integrators as an addendum to the Montreal IMSS RFP Canada Post Corporation issued December 02, 2010.

Following evaluation of the bids presented by the Integrators, CPC  decided to make adjustments to the scope of the Montreal BMF – IMSS by review the project priorities and the transition approach.  These adjustments include:

  • Breaking the deployment of the IMSS into two phases – Phase 1 for deployment of the Sorter and Automated Bundle sorter as part of the initial contractual commitment; and a follow on Phase 2 for the deployment of the packet sorter.  The follow on phase would be determined by CPC at a later time.
  • Expanding the building by 80 ft2 to facilitate transition from the current state to the final state, and help reduce related transition costs.

Thus, a revised Montreal IMSS Plant Design Document package needed to be prepared to be included as part of the “Addendum to the initial Montreal BMF – IMSS RFP”.  Given dap’s past experience as the design consultancy to support CPC’s bid process, it was asked to provide support in revising/updating the design documents which will be included with the Addendum.

All the changes being considered by CPC regarding the Montreal IMSS will be accounted for, and the resulting design documents will be included in a “Revised Montreal BMF – IMSS Plant Design Document” package to be included as part of the “Addendum to the initial Montreal BMF – IMSS RFP” issued to the IMSS Suppliers by mid October 2011.