Mexico Trade Security Technical Symposium

Gabon Park Transportation Technical Assistance
April 30, 2004
Brazil Port Security Orientation Visit
April 30, 2004


decision analysis partners delivered a series of four trade security symposia across Mexico for the USTDA in the Fall of 2004-2005. The symposia are also sponsored by the U.S. Commercial Service and the Mexican Business Council for Foreign Trade, Investment and Technology (COMCE).  The meetings addressed specific security and supply-chain issues that affect Mexico-U.S. trade by bringing together specialists and professionals in Mexico City,Monterrey, Guadalajara and Tijuana.

The purpose of the meetings were to:

  • Address key supply chain security issues of interest to the Mexico-U.S. trade community,
  • Initiate a lasting dialog between the U.S.and Mexican supply chain security, consistent with other initiatives underway, and
  • Promote U.S.goods and services in the supply chain security and supply chain management space.

Topics from prominent U.S.companies and government organizations speakers cover:

  • Regulatory support:  Issues relating to compliance with regulations such as transportation security, bio-terrorism and border crossing requirements,
  • Supply Chain Security:  Issues relating to the physical security and integrity of goods and containers begin shipped from Mexico to the United States and
  • Supply Chain Integration:  Issues relating to the modernization of supply chain methods in Mexico, and the transition to modern supply chains.