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sample postal projects

Canada Post Transformation

d/ap's Postal Transformation team works with Canada Post Corporation transformation team to develop a future state operating model, from customer induction to plant design to delivery.[more]

Diagnostic and Restructuring of Gabon Poste

d/ap undertook extensive diagnostic, redesign and restructuring of Gabon Poste. [more]

Postal Market Growth in Jordan

We performed a market study designed to evaluate the current and potential postal market in Jordan to guide policy development, restructuring and possible privatization.[more]

Legal and Regulatory Framework for Postal Privatization in Jordan

A decision/analysis team reviewed postal and commercial laws and determined the modifications required in order to encourage private sector participation

Network Operations Center

decision/analysis partners consultants led the design and development of a Network Operations Management Systems (NOMS) system for USPS to deal with daily contingencies and manage mail flows in a dynamic way.

USPS - Homeland Security Procedures for Commercial Air

Working closely with USPS, staff from decision/analysis partners developed operational models to evaluate the cost and performance degradation resulting from the impending FAA regulation.



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