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Testing of Bundle Packaging

The project consists of qualitative and quantitative testing of multiple bundle packaging through Canada Post' sorting infrastructure to develop recommendations and guidelines.  d/ap's team includes Vallasis and Infinity Testing Solutions, of Toronto, Canada, to prepare sample bundles and provide laboratory tests to a portion of them.  Other samples will be tested through Canada Post' infrastructure.  The project will ultimately develop a broader foundation for policy recommendations using subject matter experts and CPC workshops.

Postal Plant Automation Analysis

d/ap evaluated operational processing and physical layout options for a major city plant consistent with the corporation's strategic objectives. The analysis included letter and flat mail, and parcel & packet processing alternatives designed to maximize total return on investment, the minimization of construction and transition cost, least impact on current operations, and the enhancement of service in the city and its forward network.

Postal Plant Operation Animation

To support significant changes in postal operations within plants, d/ap developed a computerized animation of the various new machine and labor steps in the plant for the purpose of developing companywide standards and training material.

Change Management Audit

d/ap provided expert review of a postal corporation's operational  change management plans. The objective was to identify how well and how realistically these plans were developed. Our team identified risk areas and made presentations of our findings to the organization's CEO and Board of Directors.

Postal Software Development Independent Validation & Verification

d/ap performed an audit of the development a number of postal software systems for a major corporation, including sort plan management, address management, automated labeling, online redirection, and automation equipment centralized computing systems.  The objective of the project was to validate software development processes, evaluate progress against plans, highlight potential risks, and provide appropriate recommendations for mitigation.

Material Handling Analyses

d/ap provided analytical assistance by preparing analyses of automated versus manual material handling solutions for major postal plants. Our team modeled labor savings for specific conditions, conducted financial analyses of proposed automated and manual solutions, and provided material handling designs for several work areas.

Material Handling System Proposal Evaluation

d/ap provided analytical and procurement support to evaluate proposals for new large postal plant material handling systems.   d/ap used a detailed proposal evaluation methodology and created follow on acquisition scenarios.

Address Database Interface Specification

d/ap provided assistance to addressing and redirection specifications for a postal organization implementing automated address sequencing.

Best Practice Research

d/ap conducted primary research with leading postal operators on production planning and optimization, scheduling, monitoring and control, labor planning and management, transportation planning and control and performance measurement and reporting.

Bundling & Pallet Size Specification

d/ap developed a computational model and application designed to generate presorted bundles and trays with the greatest possible presort depth, given bundling specifications.  The bundling algorithm creates unit loads based on network induction point to compute aggregate processing costs.

Facility Performance Survey

d/ap developed an independent mail facility  performance survey for a national postal organization, including process quality control, floor layout configuration readiness, containerization adequacy, vehicle utilization, management and craft training requirements, mail flow streamlining, mail arrival profiles conformance to delivery schedules, error reporting, and address management database accuracy & currency.

Letter Mail Postal Plant Design

d/ap provided redesign consulting services for a major postal plant upgrading its automated equipment.  Services included demand forecast, sort plant and equipment needs assessment, optimized space planning and CAD layouts of equipment and work centers.  

Sequencing & Sortation

d/ap provided operational and tactical consulting to a postal organization implementing automated mail delivery sequencing. We developed a future-proof sequencing and sorting methodology, ensuring that sequencing guidelines meet the organization's corporate goals, and protect it from future changes in mail mix or business strategy. d/ap introduced our client to the latest thinking in mail processing to optimize equipment requirements and acquisition.

Subject Matter Expertise -- Delivery

d/ap provided delivery experts to discuss address management, route optimization and management, metrics and performance standards (in-office and street delivery), impact on technology, labor issues, change management, training, etc. with a large postal organizatioN.

Canada Post Transformation

d/ap's Postal Transformation team works with Canada Post Corporation transformation team to develop a future state operating model, from customer induction to plant design to delivery.[more]

Diagnostic and Restructuring of Gabon Poste

d/ap undertook extensive diagnostic, redesign and restructuring of Gabon Poste. [more]

Postal Market Growth in Jordan

We performed a market study designed to evaluate the current and potential postal market in Jordan to guide policy development, restructuring and possible privatization.[more]

Legal and Regulatory Framework for Postal Privatization in Jordan

A decision/analysis team reviewed postal and commercial laws and determined the modifications required in order to encourage private sector participation

Network Operations Center

decision/analysis partners consultants led the design and development of a Network Operations Management Systems (NOMS) system for USPS  to deal with daily contingencies and manage mail flows in a dynamic way.

USPS - Homeland Security Procedures for Commercial Air

Working closely with USPS, staff from decision/analysis partners developed operational models to evaluate the cost and performance degradation resulting from the impending FAA regulation.



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